Youth Confirmation

Exploring faith; discovering spiritual answers

As part of the United Church of Canada, at R-W we offer baptism to adults and infants alike. Baptism is a sacrament by which someone is received into the fellowship of the church. While we do baptize older children and adults, quite often, people are baptized as infants or young children. When this is the case, our parents have made a faith commitment on our behalf. And so when we are older, we can make our own commitment as followers of Jesus by being confirmed.

Confirmation is a time when we publicly declare our intention to live in Christ and practice our faith within the life and fellowship of the church. Confirmation brings full membership in the local congregation. This means that youth who have been confirmed have the same right and responsibility to vote in R-W matters like any other members of the congregation.

Depending on numbers, confirmation is celebrated with youth (14 and up) every second year. In 16 sessions beginning in the late fall and concluding in the spring, we reflect together on the teachings of Jesus and A New Creed, wrestle with spiritual questions, learn how to interpret the bible and explore what it means to be part of the United Church of Canada. Confirmation is celebrated during the Easter season (before Pentecost).

Confirmation will be offered this year (2010-11) starting with an orientation night for youth and their families on Thursday, 2010 Sept 16th, at 6:30 pm in Room 11.