Youth Ministry

Youth: connecting with each other, with God, and with the Church

Our Present

Sometimes you hear the statement, “Young people are the future.” At R-W we prefer to say, “young people are the present” because youth and young adults are as much a part of the congregation as our older adults and seniors.

Youth Worship

On Sunday morning, youth from Grade 7 and up meet in the main youth room (downstairs in the hall under the sanctuary) where we explore our faith in engaging ways. Newcomers and visiting youth are welcome to take part. Ushers will direct you.

Along with the main room we also have a "youth chapel" for quiet contemplation and prayer, and which seconds as an extra meeting space.

A couple of times a year, youth get together with the children to worship as a group.

In addition, at the beginning of each church season (for example Advent or Lent), all ages gather in the sanctuary for worship. This “Whole Family Worship” is geared for all ages.

Youth Group

Generally once a month, sometimes twice, youth group gets together for a variety of activities such as games nights or cake making, movie night or an event shared with other youth groups in the city or a retreat.

Youth Confirmation

An opportunity to explore faith and prepare for membership.

Year-end picnic

Easter vigil

Youth Calendar

Bible character olympics: obstacle course

Youth discussion group