Women's Weekend

A time for spiritual growth, renewal, and friendship

Women's Weekend 2017

Earth's Weavers: Making Connections

In September 17 women gathered together at Strawberry Creek Lodge for a weekend of retreat and connection. Not only connecting with other women at R-W, but with nature and with our spirituality. Rev. Lynn Maki led a worship service on Sunday which was a highlight for many.
We made dreamcathcers, bracelets, we wove together, we ate together and we reconnected.
We hope to meet again next September. Stay tuned!

Women's Weekend 2016

13th Annual Women's Weekend

R-W Women had their annual retreat from Friday, September 16, evening, to Sunday, September 18, afternoon, for the 2016 Robertson-Wesley Women's Weekend. The theme was Life's Undulation and the weekend included: celebration, creativity, friends, laughter, time outdoors, and worship. The weekend was also a time to relax, eat delicious meals and most of all, the time to get to know the women at R-W.

Women's Weekend 2015

12th Annual Women's Weekend

R-W women mark your calendars for Friday, September 18, evening, to Sunday, September 20, afternoon, for our 2015 Robertson-Wesley Women's Weekend.
Click here to download the registration form. Drop off your registration and deposit to the church office by August 16.

Theme: Wise Women Whisper in the Wind

Women's Weekend Carol Sing

Come Sing With Us!

Saturday, December 20, 1:00 pm

Join the Women's weekend troupe in Memorial Hall on Saturday afternoon for a joyful afternoon of fellowship and music! There will be plenty of delicious refreshments and snacks to carry us through the afternoon. We may even be able to take requests for your favourite carols and Christmas songs.

All are welcome!

Women's Weekend 2014

11th Annual Women's Weekend

Friday, September 12 to Sunday, September 14

Theme: Stardines in our Genes and Other Mysteries.

Women's weekend explored the biggest questions of all time! What is life? What is the cosmos? What is the universe? Will we ever have a theory of everything?
We were not able to solve all of these mysteries in September but we did have a fantastic weekend.
The weekend is also a time to relax, eat delicious meals and most of all, the time to get to know the women at R-W.

2017 Women's Weekend


Since 2004 Robertson-Wesley United church has celebrated the women of our church community. This celebration has been an Autumn weekend retreat. From Friday evening to Sunday early afternoon, women gather at a rural retreat center.


The weekend is planned by a committee of women who believe in women gathering together to deepen their spirituality and to deepen their friendships. Every year new women discover the Women's Weekend and make a plan to attend the following year. Having said that, there are also women who have attended all of the Women's Weekends and who look forward to it every year.


The Women's Weekend program and activities have been planned around a theme. We have had our Red Shoes weekend, our Sacred Garden weekend, our Let Your Light Shine weekend, our Entering Your Castle weekend, our Stepping Lightly: A pilgrimage to..., and in 2010 our Joy of a Spirited Community weekend. The program includes discussions in both large and small groups, singing of new and familiar songs, walks with nature, creative activities, sharing meals, walking a labyrinth, celebrating in worship as a community of women, free time and lots of laughter. No doubt there are pleasures that I have missed, but just ask someone who has attended, and they will share their favourite parts of the Weekend.

Women's Weekend Bursary Fund

A Women's Weekend Bursary Fund has been established to support Robertson-Wesley women who may require financial assistance to attend our annual weekend. If you would like to donate to this Fund contact Sylvia Duffus, Jill Lambie or the Church office.