RWUC: Visiting Ministry

Visiting Ministry

Robertson-Wesley as a caring community


Several people have been actively involved in visiting on behalf of the church with people who are home-bound, etc., throughout the years and this continues to be a strong area of the congregation's life.

Now, in order to build on this strength, we are developing a more systematic approach to our Visiting program.

The Development Plan

  • To affirm and acknowledge all of the Visiting that is happening at present;
  • To develop a Visiting Guide that describes the details of Visiting (done);
  • To develop a policy and procedure for fulfilling our Duty of Care which includes the administration of police records which is now a necessary legal requirement (done);
  • To recruit a volunteer Visiting Co-ordinator to organize our Visiting Ministry on a continual basis, in preparation for which we will develop a Visiting Co-ordinator's job description and support for implementation (done);
  • To gather the Visitors periodically for support, training, and initiation of potential new visitors;

This development of the Visiting program is so important, because the people we would care for are many who have given so much and cared for so many over the years, they absolutely must be cared for now.


  • Visiting Guide is done.
  • Duty of Care policy is done.
  • Visiting Co-ordinator's job description is done.
  • Recruitment has been successful: our Visiting Co-ordinator is Tamara Wright and she may be contacted for any visiting related matters at
  • First Visitors Gathering was held at Robertson-Wesley on 2015 May 17, Sunday at 12:15 pm.


  • To be more comprehensive: that is, to be sure we are not letting anyone "fall through the cracks" or be forgotten or feel neglected;
  • To be more adaptive: responding the the changing needs of the people we visit and our visitors;
  • To be more supportive: providing support and training on a continual basis for our visitors, recognizing that this both a very demanding and a truly spirit-led dimension of our ministry;
  • To be expanding the Visiting program: carefully inviting new people to consider being visitors; providing training, mentoring, and opportunities for individuals to discern their call to this ministry;
  • To be more closely integrated with the pastoral care visiting done by the Ministry Personnel: so that there is a truly complementary, team partnership.


For details of our Visiting Ministry, see the following documents

Visiting Ministry Pamphlet
Visitors Guide
This is a general description of the visitor's role.
Visiting Coordinator
This is the job description for the Visiting Coordinator.
Home Communion
An explanation of the home communion part of our Visiting Ministry
Duty of Care
This is our policy in regard to police record checks for visitors.
Canterbury Tea
The organization of our annual Friendship Tea at Canterbury Manor.
Rosedale Tea
The organization of our annual Tea at Rosedale on the Park.

Pastoral Visiting Workshop
Leader: Rev. Leigh Sinclair

Friday, November 23, 2018 from 7:00–9:00 pm (sharing a potluck of desserts) and
Saturday, November 24, 2018 from 12:00–4:30 pm (beginning with a provided lunch)

We are excited to host an interactive workshop to enhance and recognize the ways we care for and listen to one another in our church community. In particular, we will learn how best to sit at the bedside of someone ill or dying, in their home or in hospital. What prayers, questions and confidentiality measures can we take to bring to them our care and faith perspective. No matter your church or care experience you are invited!

Pastoral visiting is already being given by many persons at Robertson-Wesley in formal and informal ways. Some of our current visitors will facilitate our small group discussions about material that will be presented by Rev Leigh.

We hope that you will come and enhance your skills of good listening and explore the blessings and challenges of caring for those who are confined to home, or to bed. We will cover how to pray with others, ask good questions as well as the reporting, referring and self-care desired in visiting.

Please RSVP through the Church office or contact Rev. Leigh directly.

Reaching out to one another


We keep track of all the Robertson-Wesley people who are in hospital. Our Ministry Personnel make an initial visit and additional visits according to the need and as time allows. And if the person is in hospital for an extended period of time, we also have a volunteer visiting them as well.

A few of our volunteer visitors choose to specialize in visiting at hospitals. We are able to register them through Alberta Health Services and obtain an identification badge and parking permit which facilitate extensive hospital visiting.

Home Communion

Every time the Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated at Robertson-Wesley, our Visitors have the opportunity to take the consecrated elements to their Visitees at home and share a simple service of communion with them. This is simply an extension of the serving of communion by the servers in the sanctuary. In this way, even those who are unable to attend are included in the fellowship of the sacrament.

Canterbury Worship

The Ministry Personnel of Robertson-Wesley conduct a monthly worship service in the chapel at Canterbury for the residents of the Canterbury Manor, Court, or Lane. It is a simple service with hymns, scripture, prayers, and a message; and communion is included twice a year. We also have a little fellowship time following each service.

Canterbury Tea

For years, Robertson-Wesley has put on an annual tea in May at Canterbury to which all of the residents are invited. We typically have an attendance of 100 to 150. It is wonderful opportunity to meet several of the residents and to let them all know that the church cares about them. We always have lots of squares and cookies donated by Robertson-Wesley people, a wonderful team of servers, and our Music Director is usually there to entertain on the piano.

Rosedale Tea

Robertson-Wesley holds an annual tea in September at Rosedale Assisted Living for residents of "the Park", "the Villa", and "the Estates". It is an intimate gathering of usually 20 to 30, with an invitation to Robertson-Wesley people and their friends.