The United Church Women


UCW was formed in 1962 when the Women's Association (WA) and Women's Missionary Society (WMS) combined. The emphasis of the WA was the upkeep of the church while that of the WMS was Mission and Bible Study. After the two groups joined, UCW had an initial membership across Canada of 260,157, forming the largest women's organization in Canada. At that time there were eleven units at Robertson United Church. The new UCW encompassed both Bible study and support of the home church but broadened to include study of other Christian and non-Christian faiths, mission projects, and social issues. It also raised money for Mission and Service and other service projects.

Meeting Time

At Robertson-Wesley approximately twenty women meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the Memorial Hall at 1:30. A short business meeting is followed by an interesting program and lunch. Several people have joined in the last year and we welcome others. Fellowship is extremely important to the group.


Members take responsibility for the devotional and light lunch provided at each meeting. Programs include such things as drama, travel presentations, and talks by representatives from service groups around Edmonton. Some members hold bake sales and provide refreshments for church gatherings. Twice a year there is a special Thank Offering at which members and the general congregation donate to support special causes. RW's UCW gives about $6,000 annually to charities.

UCW Calendar