Sunday Morning Worship

a brief explanation of our worship practice

Worship Time

Our Sunday morning worship time is 10:30 am every Sunday year-round.

The Shape of Worship

The central purpose of the order of worship is to create an experience of entering into Sacred presence and the fellowship of the church community; then opening our hearts and minds to the Holy, hearing God speak to us, wisdom and inspiration for the living of our days; and then responding with gratitude and devotion.

The Sermon

The intention of preaching a sermon is to reach deeply into the heritage of our faith, especially through the Bible, and to make connections from the timeless truth to the heart of life in our modern world, based on the best insights into human nature and world history.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

Through the simple act of eating a tiny piece of bread with a few drops of grape juice and telling the ancient story of our faith, we touch the mystery of the living Spirit moving through our midst, strengthening and healing our souls. This is Communion.

The Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is many things: a celebration of the gift of life in a new-born child, the welcoming of a new member into the Universal Church of Jesus Christ, an individual's public declaration of a choice to live in Christ, transformation to a new life of hope and peace.


Music expresses the beauty and mystery of the spiritual; our understanding of faith is contained in the poetry of the hymns; and singing is a way for us to express our faith together.

Children and Youth

In our Kids' Church and Youth Worship programs, our children and youth experience worship in a format geared to their development and interests. In this way, we are able to provide appropriate programming for the spiritual formation of children and youth while giving them a sense of belonging to the church as a whole. For toddlers, we have designated quiet areas in the chapel so that parents can worship while providing a place for our youngest members to play or nap. The chapel is also easily accessible to our nursing area and washrooms equipped with baby changing tables.

Coffee Hour

For those who like to stay around for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee, we gather in our Memorial Hall immediately following the worship time.