Saving Jesus From the Church

book study

Saving Jesus from the Church

by Robin R. Meyers

book study

Countless thoughtful people are now so disgusted with the marriage of bad theology and hypocritical behavior by the church that a new Reformation is required in which the purpose of religion itself is reimagined.

Meyers takes the best of biblical scholarship and recasts these core Christian concepts to exhort the church to pursue an alternative vision of the Christian life:

  • Jesus as Teacher, not Savior
  • Christianity as Compassion, not Condemnation
  • Prosperity as Dangerous, not Divine
  • Discipleship as Obedience, not Control
  • Religion as Relationship, not Righteousness

This is not a call to the church to move to the far left or to try something brand new. Rather, it is the recovery of something very old. Saving Jesus from the Church shows us what it means to be a Christian and how to follow Jesus' teachings today.

Leader: Nancy Heule

Saturday, 2010 Nov 13, 10:00 am -- 2:00 pm
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Copies of the book are available from the church office for $20
For more information about the book see HarperCollins web site.