Spiritual and Liturgical Arts Collective


2016–2017 Spiritual Arts Collective Programming
Roots of Belonging

More than ever before, we are on the move. But as the world becomes more global, how do we belong to our authentic selves and community?
Join William Briar, Tonya Rae Chrystian, Laura Foster, and Devika Short, as we collectively explore themes of expression, belonging and finding authentic self and authentic community.

Robertson-Wesley Spirited Art Studio

Spirited Art Studio

Facilitated by Laura Foster


Mondays, 7:00–8:30 pm

The studio is a place to explore visual art and connect with others in a creative environment. The studio's purpose is to bring people together in a drop in setting, to enjoy art and be in community. Regular attendance is not required but registration via email is recommended to keep up to date! For more information, please contact Laura directly at spiritedartstudio@rwuc.org

Picking Up the Pieces:
what is broken can be transformed

Fall Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by Devika Short

2016 Oct 16 & 30 | 1:00–3:00 pm

2016 Nov 13 & 27 | 1:00–3:00 pm

Do you think the challenges in your life have left you broken? Are you unsure how to mend this brokenness? Through meditation, music, and painting this collective aims to assist participants with transforming and strengthening from their brokenness.

Star Power

Fall Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by William Briar

2016 Nov 12 and Nov 13 | 3:00–5:00 pm

Celebrate Christmas early by joining William Briar on November 12 & 13 for a weekend of meditation and creativity inspired by the story of the Star of Bethlehem!

No Room at the Inn

Fall Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by William Briar

2016 Dec 6 and Dec 13 | 6:00–9:00 pm

On December 6 and 13, join William Briar to explore and challenge tendencies of family and belonging through the metaphor of the Christmas story, meditation and many forms art

En Root: acting authentic, grounded in place

Fall Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by Tonya Rae Chrystian

2017 Jan 3 to Mar 20 | Mondays, 6:00–9:00 pm

Place, roots, spiritual belonging.

This collective will give you the opportunity to try acting in a supportive and fun environment; all experience levels are welcome! Together we will play with basic acting techniques and how acting can connect us with community, spirituality and place.

Growing: Roots to Shoots

Fall Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by Devika Short

2017 Mar 5 to Apr 9 | Sundays, 1:00–3:00 pm

What makes things grow: the right soil, warmth, water and sunlight. The roots slowly work their way through the dark earth, shooting up; reaching for light. This collective aims to examine our growing process beginning with germination. Through weekly journaling, painting and reflection of our individual growth our collective’s blossoming project will be showcased on a painted canvas.

Community Art Theory Workshop for Artists

Fall Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by Brooke Leifso

2017 Apr 7 | Friday, 6:00–9:30 pm

What is the difference between an artist creating community informed work and facilitating work for and by a community? Local Expressive and Community Art practitioner, Brooke Leifso will lead artists through community art practices and introduce the ethics of how to work in a community-centred way. The workshop will explore the spectrum oxf community-engaged art in all mediums. The workshop will cover the experience of community art facilitation: how to create art as a community, the ethical concerns of working with communities and engaging in a reflexive practice when creating art with community.

Dis/Harmonies #2

Winter Spiritual Arts Collective

Facilitated by Devika Short

2017 Apr 21 | Friday, 7:00–9:00 pm

Following the success of Dis/Harmonies with Brooke Leifso and Laura Raboud, The Spiritual Arts Collective is holding Dis/harmonies #2. Come explore your natural voice in our Sanctuary! We will be whispering, shouting, and jamming with our voices together.


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