Winter Spiritual Arts Collective 2015

Artist: Elsa Robinson

(Un)masking Spirit

mask creation and exploration

  • January 12 - March 22, 2016
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm

Masks have been an integral part of ritual and expression of spiritual beliefs and values in cultures around the world. The colours, shapes and materials used to adorn masks often have a symbolic meaning.

During this project participants will explore masks from traditional cultures and select and use symbols and structures to express their own spiritual identity or that of spiritual deities they want to honour. Participants will be supported constructing three-dimensional full-body masks that include a head covering as well as a garment using a combination of art supplies and recycled materials. Participants will explore activating the masks in a variety of ways, How do we relate to our masks and what do they mean?

first gathering

  • January 12, 2016
  • Tuesday, 7:00 pm


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