2016–17 Spiritual Arts Collective — 4


Roots to Shoots

Facilitated by Devika Short

  • March 5–April 9, 2017
  • Sundays, 1:00–3:00 p.m.

What makes things grow: the right soil, warmth, water and sunlight. The roots slowly work their way through the dark earth, shooting up; reaching for light. This collective aims to examine our growing process beginning with germination. Through weekly journaling, painting and reflection of our individual growth our collective’s blossoming project will be showcased on a painted canvas.

Post-collective Reflection

During our first session the question, “What element do you identify with?” was posed to encourage discussion around the elements of: air, earth, fire, and water. Some shared about their uplifting feeling of walking outside and breathing in fresh air, while others expressed how just standing on the earth gives them a feeling of grounded-ness and strength. All agreed that the element of water calms, soothes and brings them to a place of tranquility. The poem "Growing through life" was created and shared by facilitator Devika Short.

A fragile seed
Placed in the soil
Grateful for warmth and water
Begins to grow roots when it is ready

A tiny acorn
Embraced by the Earth
Grows its roots and then its shoots
Into a tall, mighty oak tree

The beginning of human life
Grows without roots or shoots
Develops for many months
A miracle; Spirit in human form

Seed, acorn, our beginning of life
Started with hope and faith
Supportive environment and encouragement
They all stretch and grow towards the light

To identify with the theme of “Growing,” all attendees planted a bulb while connecting with thoughts of what they would like to grow in their life. See below for photo of bulbs planted.

During our break with “Flowering Jasmine Tea” attendees remarked how the tea correlated so well to our theme of “growing” since they appeared to have both “roots” and “shoots.” See photos below.

We journaled and ended our first session with more discussion recorded on the blackboard. See photo below.

In each subsequent session a question was posed for discussion. We then journaled and painted. I will share the question and the art created for each week. Week two question: “In your growth, what do you consider to be your “right soil?” “Is this “right soil” still nourishing your growth or is it lacking in nutrients?”

Week three question: “Proper “warmth” is necessary for your growth. Does your growing environment have enough “warmth?”

Week four question: “Water is essential for your growth. Are you getting too little or too much water?”

Week five question: “Sunlight” not only help things to grow but it also lifts our Spirit. Do you bring in enough “sunlight” to help you grow?”

In week six after discussion about what to paint, we painted the canvas below. The canvas was painted by Felicia Drever, Doug Short and Devika Short, participants of the Spiritual Arts Collective, “Growing: Roots to Shoots. The painting reflects several components necessary for growing from roots to shoots and also our individual growth.

First Gathering

  • March 5, 2017
  • Sunday, 1:00–3:00 p.m.


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