Spirited Art Studio

An invitation to creativity in the spirit

Spirited Art Studio

Facilitated by Laura David Foster

  • Mondays, 7:00pm–8:30 pm
  • Tuesdays, 1:30pm–3:00pm

The studio is a place for people to explore art and connect with each other in an informal creative environment. Each time we have various arts media and processes to explore. People are welcome to drop in any time and try out these different art-making processes. Some people like to work on their own ongoing projects, and this is encouraged as well. The studio's purpose is to bring people together, to enjoy art, and be in community. We are all creative and the studio community nurtures creativity, authenticity, and friendship… and it’s just a fun place to hang out!

Regular attendance is not required but registration via email is recommendeded to stay informed with studio developments. For example, this fall we have expanded our program times, and we’re looking at new possibilities like exhibiting our art.

Please join us on Monday nights, (except holidays) Tuesday afternoons and after the Robertson-Wesley Community dinners. For more information, please contact Laura at spiritedartstudio@rwuc.org

Please Note: The Spirited Art Studio program will be breaking for the summer so that we can all enjoy the summer weather, events and festivals. Our last week before the summer break will be June 25, 26. Please email and register if you are interested in the program in the fall of 2018, we will be starting with programs again on the week of September 10-15.

space for creativity
flowers and masks

The Art studio allows for "the making of a space where creative powers can be activated and where in turn we can be healed by them..."
— S. McNiff

Art creates the form in which intensity of feeling can be contained
— S. Levine