Purpose and Mission

our reason for existence

Our Mission

Trusting in the promise of Jesus that “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them,” we come together at Robertson-Wesley United Church to worship God, to share each other’s joys and sorrows, to learn and grow in faith, to use God’s gifts wisely, and to lead active Christian lives of service among our neighbours here and in the global community.

Our Anthem

Robertson-Wesley United Church is a community
walking in the Spirit of Christ:

the spirit of friendship
where an open hand is offered to everyone;

the spirit of prayer
where we reflect, sing and create beauty together;

the spirit of caring
where we support each other, our community, and our world;

the spirit of justice
as we ask hard questions and defend those who need a voice;

the spirit of belonging
where everyone is welcomed
regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation, age or ability;

the spirit of wisdom
where people are encouraged to learn together
and to seek their own spiritual answers;

the spirit of joy
where we play together as a family.

Robertson-Wesley United Church.

Our Statement of Welcome and Inclusion

In response to God's call,
we, the congregation of Robertson-Wesley United Church
declare our commitment to opening our hearts and our church family
to all people in our community, regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender, differing abilities, ethnicity, or economic circumstance.
We recognize that many people's lives continue to be devastated
by hatred, prejudice, and inequality;
therefore, as a compassionate and caring spiritual community
we will stand with those who are adversely affected
by injustice, alienation and oppression.

Our Ministry

At Robertson-Wesley we endeavour to be a caring community: a place of belonging and acceptance, where each person regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender, differing abilities, ethnicity, or economic circumstance - knows they are respected and cared for.

We are also a place of learning and growing, where we are supported in our personal faith journeys and encouraged to think critically about how Christ takes form in the midst of the world.

And we reach out to our community locally and to the world globally, compassionately responding to the needs of the world around us.

The music of the organ, choirs, bells, orchestras and instrumentalists fills the air in joyful celebration of the faith we share and the beauty of life.

Then it all comes together every Sunday morning as we gather for worship, singing the songs of our hearts, praying the depth of our souls, hearing stories of faith and listening for the wisdom and inspiration we need for the living of our days.