RWUC: Live Nativity

Live Nativity

Preparing for Christmas gathered at the stable

a child born
singing the joy
colours of promise
a gingerbread creche
angels on high
elf song

The Live Nativity Story

Something fun in the community

Back in 2011, the Family Ministry Committee decided that they wanted to do something fun in the community to share the real story of Christmas that would engage all ages. On the last Saturday before Christmas for three years in a row and now again this year, we have created a typical Nativity Scene on the lawn of the church in the snow. People from the congregation and from the community are given the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character from the nativity story -- the story of Jesus being born in a manager among the animals in Bethlehem with the shepherd and wise men being sent by the angels to journey to Bethlehem and see the son of God.

Building the stable

With the help of Jack Waters who built our wooden stable and the gathering of hay bales provided by the Ouellette family and the voices of the Robertson-Wesley United Church Choir and friends we have been singing carols and handing out candy canes to the people passing by on the street. People are invited to come into the church for chili and hot chocolate, to warm up and see what lies behind the big wooden doors of the church.

As the night darkens, hearts warm

As the sun sets, and lights come on, people emerge in costumes as Mary, Joseph, the angel, the donkey the shepherds etc. People begin to stop, look and see the miracle of Jesus' birth coming to life before their eyes. What has been so delightful, is watching the families come by to have the children's picture taken with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Some families with newborns have dressed up as Mary and Joseph with the baby as baby Jesus. People in the nearby building emerge on their decks to listen to the carols and watch the fun unfold. As the night becomes dark, the hearts of men, women and children warm and brighten, and the Good News of Jesus is spread into our neighbourhood.

Become the character

It is fun to watch all ages get dressed up and become the character that they never got to play in the pageant as children. Here at Robertson-Wesley gender, age and size do not matter. We have had a full grown adult play the baby Jesus, we have had dogs dressed as sheep, and men be Mary.

Love one another

The live nativity is our tribute to Jesus' words from the gospel according to John: 13:34 "I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another."

Donations for Bissell

We also collect donation for the Bissell Centre at this event.

Live Nativity 2017

2017 Dec 16
Saturday 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Count up to Christmas: The Robertson-Wesley United Church Advent Calendar

FREE BARBECUE! The community is invited to post or send us their best selfies in front of our manger on our facebook page or via twitter. There will be a sign hung from our manger starting on Dec 1 till Dec 25. We challenge group and individuals to create their best manger scene at the stable in front of the church. We want at least 3 groups each day! Please send your photos to Let’s have some fun. Be creative and show us what you’ve got!

animals and kings
in the quiet night
Mary and the Christ child
shepherds from their fields
star of wonder
away in a manger