Mission and Service Fund

our unified national fund for the work of the larger church

What is The Mission and Service Fund?

It is the United Church's way of funding world outreach, mission in Canada projects, theological colleges, the meetings of General Council and the operations of the national offices. It is a unified budget distributed by the General Council according to their priorities. And its revenue comes from voluntary contributions from members of the United Church across Canada.

How do we contribute?

At Robertson-Wesley, we encourage people to allocate a portion of their regular givings to M&S. For example for every $100 contribution one might allocate $85 to the RW local operating fund and $15 to M&S. Our goal as a congregation is to give $55,000 annually to M&S.

We also supplement the regular givings to M&S in several ways:

  1. A special offering for M&S is taken on communion Sundays (8 times per year). Each previous Sunday, we hear a "Minute for Mission" which explains some of the work supported by the M&S Fund.
  2. Sales and special fund-raising projects, including the Silent Auction, Garden Tour, Muffin Mania, Cookie Craze, Pie Parade, Cake Walk, Edmonton School Boys' Alumni Band Concert, and the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.
  3. The United Church Women make their own contribution to M&S.

Where can I find more details?

For more detailed information about the Mission and Service Fund, please see About the Mission and Service Fund on the United Church's national web site.

How can I help out?

The fundraising can be fun and we are pleased to hear from people who would like to help out with these projects. (Please contact the church office.)