Living the Questions 2

faith foundations in a progressive light

Living the Questions 2

LtQ2 is a popular video & internet-based small group exploration of progressive Christianity featuring premier religion voices of our day. 21 sessions in all, it will be presented in three 7-week segments:

1. Invitation to Journey

2010 Sep 30 -- Nov 11
7 Thursday evenings, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
at Robertson-Wesley, Room 11

2. Reclaiming the World

2011 Jan 13 -- Feb 24
7 Thursday evenings, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
at Robertson-Wesley, Room 11

3. Call to Covenant

2011 Apr 28 -- Jun 9
7 Thursday evenings, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
at Robertson-Wesley, Room 11

Leaders: Jim Allan, Nancy Heule

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For more information see the Living the Questions web site.

Discovering Christianity Anew

People know that at its core, Christianity has something good to offer the human race.  At the same time, many have a sense that they are alone in being a "thinking" Christian and that "salvaging" Christianity is a hopeless task. What is needed is a safe environment where people have permission to ask the questions they've always wanted to ask but have been afraid to voice for fear of being thought a heretic.

Living the Questions is a 21-week DVD and web-based small group study exploring beyond the traditions and rote theologies in which so many people and local churches seem to be stuck.  Ideal for Christian invitation, initiation and spiritual formation, Living the Questions will help seekers and "church alumni/ae" alike in discovering the significance of Christianity in the 21st Century and what a meaningful faith can look like in today's world.


The format of each session includes a video, guided discussion, spiritual exercises and Bible study.  The 20 minute videos for each session include conversation, sermon clips, lecture excerpts, and spiritual exercises for practical applications (including different forms of prayer and meditation, movement, walking the labyrinth, etc). Since the overall theme is that of faith as a journey, not a destination, the web site will offer resources for continued exploration, including downloadable expanded study guides, extra video resources, and links.


    Invitation to Journey
(Fall 2010 at R-W)

1. An Invitation to Journey
2. Taking the Bible  
3. Thinking Theologically
4. Stories of Creation
5. Lives of Jesus
6. A Passion for Christ: Paul
7. Out into the World:
    Challenges Facing     
    Progressive Christians

    Reclaiming the World
(Winter 2011 at R-W)

8. Restoring Relationships
9. The Prophetic Jesus
10. Evil, Suffering &
      A God of Love
11. The Myth of
      Redemptive Violence
12. Debunking the Rapture
13. Practicing Resurrection
14. Reclaiming the World

     Call to Covenant
(Spring 2011 at R-W)

15. A Kingdom without Walls
16. Social Justice: Realizing
      God’s Vision
17. Incarnation: Divinely
18. Prayer: Intimacy with God
19. Compassion: The Heart 
      of Jesus’ Ministry
20. Creative Transformation
21. Embracing Mystery