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Our Church Library

Robertson-Wesley's library is back in action. We have three distinct collections in our library: the general collection, the children's collection and our newest collection, the Ruth and Frank Henderson Hymnal Collection. The general collection (Robertson-Wesley Church Library) and the Henderson collection are located in Room 7, while the children's books are located in the Kids' Church room (Room 3, the "Air Room").

To join the library team, please call the church office.

Searching the collection

The entire collection is being catalogued here at, which allows the public to search our collections by title or keyword. For a step-by-step guide to using LibraryThing to find our collections, see below.

Donations to the library

Due to space constraints, we have certain criteria for new donations to the library. A list of criteria is coming soon. Anyone who would like to make a donation but is uncertain about whether it fits the guidelines can contact the library team or the Rev. Leigh Sinclair. We also have a list of titles we would like to add to our collections. Any items from our wishlist (also coming soon) are warmly received.

LibraryThing Step-by-Step Instructions

Our collections can be found at

If not using the links above, finding our collection gets a bit more complicated.

The primary search function of LibraryThing is designed to search titles rather than collections, so there are 4 steps to finding our specific collections on the site!

  1. Go to
  2. Type "rwuc" in the "search site" bar in the top right-hand corner, then Enter or click on the magnifying glass icon within the search bar. The search will turn up 0 results, but fear not! There is, in fact, a RWUC collection, and you are moments from finding it!
  3. The 0 results page will give you further searching parameters. On the left-hand menu, under the bold heading "Social" is the word "Members". Click on "Members".
  4. Your result will turn up 1 glorious result, which will appear between two horizontal lines. The tiny printed "rwuc" will lead you to our collections which are:
    1. the Robertson-Wesley Church Library, and
    2. the Ruth and Frank Henderson Hymnal Collection

After you've found the RWUC collections:

When searching within our collection, a title or keyword search using the search bar in the pink box below the banner heading will limit your search to our collections, rather than to all of LibraryThing! In other words, avoid the "search site" bar at the very top once you've found our collection.

A drop-down menu is available to select which collection you want to search, or else use the default "all collections".

If you prefer to browse around in one entire collection or another, simply click on the collection of your choosing at the top of the results page from Step 4.

Book Stores, Online

These are some good sources for faith and church related books.

United Church Resource Distribution
Books and other church-related resources and merchandise for the United Church of Canada.
Wood Lake Books
Publisher of church resources, ideally suited for the United Church.
Logos Productions
Publisher of church resources.
Canadian publisher of religious books -- Roman Catholic orienatation.

Organizations that Sell Books

These organizations and institutions provide more specialized selections of resources.

Centre for Progressive Christianity
An organization to provide resources and networking among liberal, inclusive, pluralistic, compassionate Christians.
Alban Institute
The Alban Institute was founded in 1974 as a major resource for American congregations facing the challenges of a changing society and now stands at the forefront of knowledge and experience regarding congregational vitality and positive trends across denominations and faith traditions. The Alban Institute closed in 2014, and Alban books are now available through Rowman & Littlefield.