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January 21, 2018

Epiphany 3


  • John 2: 13-25


Look What You Made me Do!

We have been challenging ourselves this new year to be honest about our intentions and faith. This can be especially hard when we are feeling deep emotions, such as anger. Anger is a natural and important emotion that can lead us to uncover the truth and seek justice for all. It also can be used to hide from our other emotions and power lashing out, blaming others and beginning to make decisions out of hate instead of love. Now is the time to ask yourself a hard question: will you own your anger and actions and follow Jesus, or disown your anger – blaming others for your choices and creating division? Let’s help to bring peace back into our lives and the world by naming our feelings. And let’s do it with love.


  • T-J Mortensen, organ
  • Choir of Robertson-Wesley

After Workship:

All are invited to gather in the Memorial Hall for fellowship and refreshments.

January 28, 2018

Epiphany 4

R-W Anniversary Sunday

Seconds For Stewardship

Cantilon: Kinders

RW Ringers


  • John 3: 1-21 Nicodemus Visits Jesus


What are you hiding from?

Nicodemus is a leader, he is spiritually open and curious and at the same time very rational. Nicodemus is not ready to come out of the proverbial closet, he is not ready to declare his faith in public, nor is he ready to let it transform his life. What secret questions, doubts and wondering hold you back from being honest about what you believe and who you are?

After Workship:

All are invited to gather in the Memorial Hall for fellowship and refreshments.


Copies to Hear or Read

The sermons at the Sunday morning worship services are usually recorded and transcribed and available on the R‑W Sermons blog . The audio is often available the same day and the text a few days later. The text is also available in our literature racks along with copies of the worship bulletins for about four weeks. The audio can also be accessed by pod-cast through iTunes.

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Sermons can be shared with others by e-mail by copying the link from the blog and pasting it into your e-mail message.

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