RWUC: Joining

Joining Robertson-Wesley

Becoming a member of our congregation

Please know you already belong here and you are welcome to participate in any of the activities of the congregation.

We are always delighted when someone decides they want to formalize their membership in Robertson-Wesley’s ministry. Here is what is involved:

  1. Let us know your name and phone number (use the yellow cards in the pews, if you wish) so we can add you to our pastoral care and mailing lists (you have the option to also sign up for our monthly e-newsletter).
  2. One of the ministers will be in touch with you in a few days to welcome you and perhaps set up a visit.
  3. To help you discover what membership means for you (along with allowing you to vote on all issues that may arise at congregational meetings), we have membership classes (usually twice a year, sometimes more often). They can range from an evening a week throughout Lent to a weekend retreat. To begin, talk to one of the ministers. For more details about membership (baptism, confirmation, membership transfer or reaffirmation), please see our pamphlet, Becoming a Member, or visit our membership class page.
  4. When you are ready to get involved as a volunteer (no need for formalized membership for this!), check our Volunteer Opportunities page, have a look at the volunteer sign-up lists posted in the Memorial Hall (where we have coffee after worship), or contact the church office.
  5. It helps us if you give your offering regularly to our ministry (see Church Finances) even if you cannot attend every week. You can do this through Pre-Authorized Remittance through your bank account or specially numbered envelope shared weekly or monthly. This way the church can of recording your donations for tax receipt purposes—please contact the church office for how to do so!
  6. Periodically we invite recent newcomers to join with some congregational leaders for a breakfast to get acquainted and help newcomers learn more about Robertson-Wesley. We would be pleased for you to join us at any time.

On behalf of the members of Robertson-Wesley, we welcome you and look forward to sharing all the riches of our congregation with you, as well as sharing all that you have to offer as well.