Invitation to Life in Christ

a brief statement of what Christianity offers as a way of life for today

Emptiness in Our World

We live in a world that is so caught up in the externals, such as: possessions, prestige, success, security, approval, etc. Some people base their lives on the assumption that this is enough to make for happiness. But now that view appears increasingly bankrupt. There is a growing awareness of the heart of life, beyond the externals a centre that is essential and without which we experience only a deep emptiness. Tragically, we are tempted to try to fill that emptiness with an array of addictions: alcohol, narcotics, work, consumerism, food, busyness, sex, entertainment, etc.; extreme- everything none of which satisfies in a lasting way.

The Beauty of Life

To live in Christ is to live in view of the heart of life. Jesus' teaching is aimed at opening people's eyes -- the eyes of the soul -- to see the inner sacredness of life. And in seeing the sacred heart of life, we experience the beauty of life, the presence of the sacred, the holiness of every moment, every person, every longing and every leaf.

It is an awareness that fills the soul with a desire to lift up all of life, to restore the dignity so often stripped away by the pursuit of the externals—in other words to make real the reign of God.

Sacred Presence

It is a thrilling experience, this encounter with the Sacred. But it can also be a fleeting experience. And so we gather as a faith community. Christian worship is simply a weekly gathering of those who share the longing. And we use the power of ritual to recreate the encounter with the Sacred, to reopen the eyes of the Soul, to reconnect us with a community of faith both local and global and to celebrate the presence of God in the midst of the world.

Experience of the Holy

Our experience of the holiness of life deepens over time, just as the experience of the Holiness of Life has deepened throughout the centuries giving us a heritage of spiritual practice and understanding. So today there is an opportunity for every individual to learn and grow and find support and direction on this marvelous, life-long journey of faith.

Mending the World

And the more deeply we touch this Sacred centre of life, the more fully we enter into the peace and joy of beholding the beauty of life, the more we long to reach out to the world around us, wherever there is hurting, suffering or injustice, and to touch the world with love, to be a part of the mending of the world. The faith community becomes a vehicle through which to make a difference in the world, as we experience the vision of justice and peace an expression of Divine will for all the human family.

Fullness of Life

So this is an invitation to Life in Christ: simply opening our hearts to the Sacred in all of life, and trusting the Spirit to guide and empower us on our way into the fullness of life for which we all long, and which is God's will for all of us.