Friends of Robertson-Wesley

the outer circle of the Robertson-Wesley family

An Invitation

Robertson-Wesley-and its founding congregations, Robertson and Wesley-have been a special part of many people's lives. Many of those, although they are not an active part of the current congregation, still feel an affinity for Robertson-Wesley. When we have the pleasure of meeting some of you, or remembering you from the past, we often wish we had a way to keep in touch. So this is it: "Friends of Robertson-Wesley".

We would like to keep your name and address on file and write to you once or twice a year to let you know we are thinking about you and what we are up to. And we consider it a blessing to know that our circle of friends are there thinking about us from time to time and holding us in their prayers.

So if you are one of these, we would invite you to become a "Friend of Robertson-Wesley". You just let us know your name and address and hold us in your prayers-that's all we ask.

Of course, we also enjoying hearing about your memories of Robertson-Wesley, so you might want to share some stories or photos. And with your permission, we would be delighted to share your stories or photos with others through our "Friends of Robertson-Wesley" web page.

Friends of R-W Pamphlet

Please feel free to share the Friends of Robertson-Wesley pamphlet with anyone you think might be interested.

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