Robertson-Wesley's Facilities

the rooms and spaces of our building

Main Floor

Please click on the names for details about each room.

the primary worship space
sanctuary entry area
Millson Room
small room off the sanctuary
a small worship space
Memorial Hall
the church hall
the main kitchen
Club Room
casual gathering space

Lower Floor

1 Garden Patch
a space for the very young
3 Air Room
program space for older children
7 Library
the church library and small meeting room
9 Fire Room
program space for older children
Room 11
a large meeting room
Lower Hall
rehearsal space for choirs
Youth group meeting room
a room of their own for youth
Spirited Art Studio
to create art and connect with others


Robertson-Wesley Welcomes Your Event

There are plenty of spaces in the church available for various community events, public events, board meetings, committee meetings, receptions and fellowship meetings. Kitchen facilities may also be available with the rental.


The kitchen clean up is the responsibility of the renter.


Catering is available with United Church Women (UCW). Upon booking your event through the church office, a UCW member will contact you regarding specifics like allergies, number of people attending and foods that are available to you. The church keeps a clean stock of cutlery and glasswares however we ask that groups bring in their own kitchen and eating supplies unless it is a catered event with UCW.


An elevator will take you to all 3 levels of the church. Washrooms are fitted for handicap accessibility.

Seating Capacity

Sanctuary: 650 people
Chapel: 40 people
Memorial Hall: Dining and beverage-187 people, Non-fixed seating- 229 people
Room 11: 30 people
Room 7: 10 people
Club Room: 10 people


Memorial Hall is equipped with a sound system. An electric screen, LCD projector, Blu-ray player, DVD player; microphones are available upon request. Room 11 is equipped with a portable screen (LCD projector, Blu-ray player and DVD player are available upon request. Microphones are not required in this room. All requests must be made on the booking form at least 48 hours before the event. All technical requirements must be specified on the booking form.

Set-Up and Take-Down

Setting up of an event and the take down is the responsibility of the church if the information is given to the office within 48 hours. A booking form must be fully filled in to meet all requests. The custodian or door monitor is able to assist in most instances and within reason during your event.



Half Day

Full Day

Memorial Hall - Weekday



Memorial Hall - Weekend



Sanctuary (concert) - Weekday



Sanctuary (concert) - Weekend



For inquiries and to book space, please complete our booking form and then email the completed form to the office.

Dates and rooms can go quickly so please book as soon as possible.


This is a small worship space, good for small funerals or weddings; and good for use as a small meeting space as well.

toward the front
toward that back

Club Room

This is a comfortable, casual meeting room or program space for up to 12 people.

looking toward the fire place
spacious and casual


Our Facilities

Our church building, located at 123 St and 102 Ave since 1914, has become an Edmonton land-mark.

Robertson-Wesley exterior
Robertson-Wesley from the West
Robertson-Wesley exterior
Robertson-Wesley from the South-West


This is a well-equipped kitchen for serving small or large gatherings. A full double glass door fridge, a double stainless steel sink, automated sanitizing station that makes for easy and safe lean up. Electric stove and oven, gas oven and stove, microwave, coffee urns and tea pots may be used for your event if available.

the church kitchen

Lower Hall

This is an open space on the basement level, including a piano, usually used for choir practices.

facing North
facing South

Memorial Hall

This is our "church hall", a large gathering space good for meetings up to 200 or so, designed with versitile lighting and sound system, and video projection equipped.

Memorial Hall, facing north-east
Memorial Hall, facing north-west

Millson Room

This is a small room just off the front of the sanctuary with casual meeting space for up to 8 people. This is also where the groom and groomsmen usually wait before weddings.

a nice little room
between the chapel and the chancel


This is the entry way or vestibule to the santuary.

facing East
looking East from the main entrance
facing West

Garden Patch

This is a space for the pre-school children on Sunday mornings.

graphic decorations
craft table
puppet theatre

Air Room

This a flexible gathering space designed especially for young children.

puppet theatre and books
piano and floor gathering space

Fire Room

This is a vibrant, stimulating space, ideal for crafts and creativity.

wall mural, soft floor tiles
craft tables and butterly space


This is the church library and a meeting space for small groups.

our library room
a small meeting place

Room 11

This a medium-size meeting room with lots of tables, chairs and a sink and cupboards for refreshment service and a built-in screen for video presentations.

lots of space, chairs and tables
and refreshment centre

Copier Room

This is our "businesy" space -- photocopier, paper storage, etc; but it includes a table which can well accomodate a small board type of meeting.

the board table in the copier room

Small Meeting Room

This is a small, casual meeting space that can accomodate up to 8 people.

small group meeting space
casual setting

Youth Chapel

This is the space that our youth have created for engaging the Sacred and for moments of prayer and contemplation.

an artistic space for encountering the beauty of holiness

Youth Group Room

This is the space our youth have created for being together in true Christian fellowship.

wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst

Spiritual Arts Studio

The Spirited Art Studio is a place to create art and connect with others.

Ready for work!
Some finished work peeks out on the left, and some smaller finished pieces on the bulletin board.


Robertson-Wesley United Church is an historic church. Every Sunday mornings at 10:30 am, an all inclusive worship service is held in the Sanctuary and everyone is encouraged to attend! R-W's music director Tammy-Jo Mortensen, our ministers, Rev. Karen Bridges and Rev. Leigh Sinclair work very hard and meet weekly to discuss current events, music and sermons that are custom to the weeks happenings. The sanctuary is also a very popular venue for concerts, choir rehearsals, funerals, and weddings. The sanctuary is able to gather large groups (650 people) and is available on most days except Sunday mornings and early Sunday afternoons.

sanctuary photo
facing the front of the sanctuary -- pulpit and organ
sanctuary photo
facing the back -- gallery and resurrection window