RWUC: Christmas and Advent


celebrating the birth of hope for all the world


The four Sundays preceeding Christmas are the season of Advent.

We consider this to be a time of longing, waiting, and preparation.

Advent 1 · Hope
2017 Dec 3, 10:30 am

Advent 2 · Peace
2017 Dec 10, 10:30 am

White Gift Sunday!

White Gift Sunday dates back to 1904 in Ohio where the wife of a Methodist minister and her two daughters came up with the idea of giving gifts wrapped in white paper to people in need at Christmas time. Gifts were wrapped in white so that they would be anonymous. The United Church has participated in this tradition since the inception of the church.

Here in Edmonton we gather gifts for children, youth and adults along with non-perishable food items which are distributed to people in need through the Bissell Centre. If you choose to wrap the gifts in white, can you please indicate on the gift what it is or who it would be appropriate for (age/gender)?

Here are some suggestions for donations:

  • Hoodies, toques, gloves, scarves,
  • Work gloves
  • Socks
  • Toiletries
  • Toys, games, clothing, art supplies, pocket books, watches for all ages from small children to youth and adults
  • Bus tickets
  • Gift cards

These gifts will be collected and delivered to the Bissell Centre on Sunday, December 10, 2017. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Service of Lessons and Carols
2017 Dec 10, 4:00 pm

Words and Music for Christmas. A lovely, gentle candlelight service to celebrate the season.

This service is a classic tradition, with a series of nine scripture readings that take us through the whole story of God's promise, Israel's longing and waiting, and the fulfilment of promise in the birth of Christ.

The story is accompanied by a feast of choral music and carol singing.

Advent 3 · Joy
2017 Dec 17, 10:30 am

Advent 4 · Love
2017 Dec 24, 10:30 am

Christmas Welcome

Robertson-Wesley on a wondrously starry, holy night. Painting by Brian Spiers, 2007
White Gifts


In our liturgical tradition, Christmas Day begins with sunset on Dec. 24, so the term, "Christmas Eve", has come to refer to the first two parts of Christmas Day: the evening and the night.

Christmas Eve Family Celebration
2017 Dec 24, 4:00 pm

A interactive celebration for all ages.

Christmas Eve Contemporary Service
2017 Dec 24, 8:00 pm

Christmas Eve for all ages with candlelight

Christmas Eve Choral Service
2017 Dec 24, 11:00 pm

Jesus was born in the middle of the night, hence we gather in the middle of the night to celebrate that holy birth. We experience Christmas through the rich array of choral music, scripture and reflections on the mysteries of the ancient story, and of course, singing the great timeless, classic carols.

Christmas Morning Service
2017 Dec 25, 10:30 am

Music: R-W Córtet