for funerals, memorial services, other receptions

A Call to Serve

We have this Ministry; we are encouraged by faith and calling, and by the quiet joy of serving a grieving family. If any of you, men and women of Robertson-Wesley United, read this call, please prayerfully consider if this is meant for you. Chat with committee members* any time, or come along when we serve - observe what we do; come to discern if this call is for you.

A short history: about fourteen years ago members of UCW (The United Church Woman) answered when we were called. Since then we have developed this Ministry of Catering for Funerals and Memorials, and on occasion other events. Our responsibility is to serve the grieving family, when they call for help about what to do for a lunch after the Service. The catering begins with a discussion of a menu, cost and venue; after decisions are made, plans proceed. Our financial mandate centres on Mission and Service. We usually have a team of 4-5 people depending on how many people are believed to be attending the service. The team meets about an hour and a half before the service begins to get things set up. We serve and then we clean up. We would like to gather a larger group of volunteers to help with these services that often happen in the late morning or early afternoon usually during the week, but sometimes on a Saturday.

We work with a professional caterer, who has served our congregation for decades, so we only have to make tea, coffee and juice and set out the food.

*Current Committee members: Hattie, Elsie, Maxine, Janet M., plus Lorna (Louis), Rosemary, Clara, and Donna Krucik, co-ordinator. We remember with thanks all women who worked on this committee in past years.

The first (re)organizational meeting was held on 2015 Mar 1.

For more info, please contact the Church Office.