Church Board

The official governing Board of the congregation

Church Board

Chair: Colleen Graves
Vice Chair: John Fleming
Past Chair: Michelle Salomons
Secretary: Paul Verdin
Finance: Donna Chmielewski
Ministry & Personnel: Lisa Fairweather
Property: Jack Waters
Ministers: Rev. Leigh Sinclair
Rev. Karen Bridges

Representatives to the Edmonton Presbytery

  • Felicia Drever
  • Gary Pecknold
  • Joan Pecknold
  • Trisha-Lee Wasmund

Board Structure
In Transition

At the Annual Congregational Meeting on 2011 February 13, the congregation passed a motion to begin the process of restructuring the board at Robertson-Wesley United Church. There are several reasons for the restructuring. It is hoped that with a small board we will be making better use of Volunteer time. It is hoped that we will be able to do some more intentional discernment and visioning of God's call for this church.

R-W Governance Model
2010 to 2015

The following document is a summary of the changes that have taken place in recent years and our current position in the transition process.

Leadership Groups

Archival Material

The following documents are no longer current, but made available here for historical reference:

Colleen Graves
Donna Chmielewski

John Fleming

Lisa Fairweather

Gary and Joan Pecknold
Michelle Salomons

Jack Waters