Art Therapy

Led by Laura David Foster

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy combines visual art with psychotherapy. Imagery, colour, and art processes are central in the therapeutic process. This allows for artistic expression of thoughts and feelings that are difficult to articulate otherwise. Art therapy is beneficial to all people for self-expression, awareness, growth and healing.

In Canada, art therapists must have a minimum of a graduate level education (Master's degree) in art therapy to identify themselves within this profession. This includes 700 hours of supervised practicum experience, see Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA) website for more information. These requirements for practice ensure safety for clients and provide professional ethical standards for this form of therapy.

Art therapists facilitate the creative means to connect with issues that are otherwise difficult to communicate such as trauma, anxiety, and depression. This can be helpful for children, adolescents, and adults. Through art-making, reflections on imagery, and relationship building, art therapists support individuals and/or groups in resolving psychological, spiritual, and interpersonal problems. For general personal growth and specific issues, art therapy is life-enhancing!

Laura David Foster, MPS-AT, will be offering professional art therapy services at RWUC as she begins her private practice. For more information please

Practicum Student

Art Therapy Students' Practicum Experience

Art therapy students from the Master's of Psychotherapy and Spirituality with Art Therapy Specialization (MPS-AT) program at St. Stephen's College will begin practicum work experience again this winter here at RWUC. These services will be offered to the public no cost. Watch for further information coming soon on this webpage. Laura David Foster is presently the site contact for this practicum location; contact her for more information.