Art Therapy

New student practice: Cheryl Horn

Description of Art Therapy

Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy. Art therapists are trained in psychotherapy, and include various art activities within their sessions to help facilitate self-exploration and understanding. Thoughts and feelings may be expressed via imagery, color and shape that could otherwise be difficult to articulate.

Art therapy is not only for "kids" or for "artists". anyone can benefit from art therapy; it has been used with a variety of populations- from young kids to the elderly, war veterans to prisoners, and people with physical disabilities to those with psychological disorders. In art therapy, we are not concerned with making artistic masterpieces, but rather seek to gain new awareness via the process of art-making. The art created in sessions is very simple and quick. yet it opens up new and profound insights that can show the way forward when we are confronted by various challenges in life.

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Cheryl Horn

Student, Art Therapy Specialization
St. Stephen's College

Having a professional artist as a grandmother, as well as a very artistic mother, Cheryl grew up surrounded by art. Despite this, for many years she heeded the voice of her inner critic and did not believe she had artistic abilities. After working in the financial services industry for 18 years, she gathered up the courage to listen to her inner artist instead.

This new focus, combined with her desire to be of help to others, led her to undertake graduate studies at St. Stephen's College where she is currently working towards a Masters of Psychotherapy and Spirituality degree, with the Art Therapy Specialization. In addition to this, Cheryl is the proud mom of three boys who keep her and her husband entertained with their lively spirits!