RWUC: Anniversary 2013

Anniversary 2013-2014

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of our beautiful building

Celebration time!

Robertson-Wesley United Church is 100 years old and young! The present church's construction was started in the spring of 1913 and continued during the summer, fall and winter. The congregation held its first Sunday service in the new building on January 25th, 1914. This historic church has been a landmark in the city since then. Initially it was the western end of the City of Edmonton. Over time it has come to mark the western end of the downtown area. Its towering spire, brick façade and stained glass windows have impressed area residents and visitors over the last century and will continue to do so in the future.

The building has and continues to provide worship, outreach and community services to a wide range of people and groups spread near and far in and around Edmonton.

Many people came to visit and support Robertson-Wesley during the anniversary year to celebrate the past, experience the present and help us plan for the future of this special building in the history of Edmonton.

Anniversary Slide Show


Blog entry by Gary Paterson

"An Anniversary of Hope"

News article in the Edmonton Journal

"Robertson-Wesley United Church in Good Shape at 100"

RW Thoughts blog entry by Wendy King

"Light Bulb Moment": a response to Gary Paterson's sermon.

Calendar of Events

2013 January 27
The launching of our year of celebration takes place in the Sunday morning worship celebration on 2013 January 27.
2013 April 14
Exploring the Church
2013 May 24
100th Anniversary Dinner
2014 Jan 25
Anniversary Gala with the United Church moderator, the Rt Rev Gary Paterson in attendance.
2014 January 26
100th Anniversary Celebration Service
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first worship service in the new building. The Right Rev. Gary Paterson, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, is our guest preacher for this glorious celebration.
2014 Feb 2
Heritage Hymn-sing

Planning Team

A big "thank you" and congratulations to planning team members for a wonderful event:

  • Pat Austin
  • Karen Bridges
  • Lisa Fairweather
  • Marion Francis
  • Marg May
  • Betty Squair
  • Pat Stewart
  • Jack Waters

Endowment Fund

As part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration, Robertson-Wesley has established a 100th Anniversary Endowment Fund. In order to insure the continued maintenance and operation of the church we need the help of the whole community. Please consider making a donation to the 100th Anniversary Endowment Fund in gratitude for the history of this historic church and to ensure its future for generations to come.

Donations to Robertson-Wesley's 100th Anniversary Endowment Fund can be made online through PayPal, using either a credit card or a paypal account:

The Moderator's Sermon


The Robertson Presbyterian congregation is founded with support from the First Presbyterian congregation in downtown Edmonton.
1909 to 1914
The congregation worships in the original building.
1913 Spring
Construction begins on the new church building, using the same architectural design as First Baptist Church in Calgary, and financed with a loan agreement signed by 10 families.
1913 July 1
Laying of the cornerstone.
1914 January 25
First worship service in the new church building.
Article in The Edmonton Bulletin, 1914 Jan 26:
"A Stranger in the Aisle"
The church is named in recognition of the worth and work of The Rev. James Robertson (1839--1902), Superintendent of Presbyterian Home Missions from 1881 to 1902.
The Robertson building is expanded with the addition of the Memorial Hall and the Memorial Chapel, dedicated to the memory of the Robertson members who gave their lives in World Wars I and II.
When the Wesley congregation amalgamates with Robertson, stained glass windows from the Wesley church are installed in the South wall of the Robertson sanctuary.
The original Casavant organ is refurbished.
The Casavant organ is sold to a Lutheran College in Wisconsin.
1979 July 8
First worship service using the new Gabriel Kney organ.

Historical Slide Show